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Does Romeo belong in a mental institution?

Lwazi Mluma |
23 February 2018

Romeo thought he was being smart when he went looking for Jennifer, but his plan backfired spectacularly. Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.

His intentions were to avenge Layla by getting Jennifer to murder her. In return, he would help Jennifer escape the hospital.

Romeo later changed his mind and wanted Layla to be locked up in the mental institution. Romeo, Jennifer and the corrupt nurse then orchestrated documents which were meant to have seen Layla locked up.

But Jennifer was two steps ahead of Romeo. Once she had her release documents, she and the nurse faked documents which implicated Romeo as the patient at the hospital. She then left him locked up.

Now, Jennifer won’t tell Quinton where Romeo is. Romeo on the other hand is really acting like an insane person at the institution.

Does he deserve all of this?

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