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5 Signs that Gloria has “Pull Her Down” syndrome

Lwazi Mluma |
13 August 2018

Everyone has had enough of Gloria’s PHD and we’re not talking about the degree. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.

“Pull Her Down” syndrome aka PHD, occurs when a woman pulls another woman down in order to get ahead. In most cases, the woman doesn't hesitate to sabotage or worry about causing another woman’s downfall.

This seems to have always been the case with Gloria as pointed out by Rorisang while they were waiting for the cleaner of the week to be announced.

This is why we agree with Rorisang.

Here are 5 signs that prove Gloria suffers from PHD:

1. Gloria is never happy to hear about another woman’s success.

2. She trashes everyone’s self-esteem by highlighting their faults.

3. Gloria is competitive, condescending and always makes snotty remarks towards others.

4. She’s too quick to sabotage women she sees as competition and always shuts down their ideas.

5. Her competitive nature has escalated to a point where she has went out of her way to perform malicious acts to get others into trouble.

What do you think about Gloria’s PHD?

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