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#etvScandal: Mthunzi vs Romeo

Lwazi Mluma |
16 August 2018

We can’t help but think that we’re better off with the devil we know. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.

Romeo has always been one of the greatest villains known to South African soapie land. He has stood up against some of the most dangerous men, which include the likes of Lucas Nyathi.

He has manipulated, betrayed, destroyed and sent criminals like Neo Mokheti to hospital.

Of course, we love his IT skills and adore his mastermind. We hated his conniving nature and we never understood why he was always involved in adult affairs. We hated the fact that he was always getting away with crime and being an accomplice to all murders.

In fact, we were happy when he was locked up in a mental institution and we wanted him to stay locked up forever. We wished him every bad thing one could ever think of.  

But, that was until there was a new devil in town by the name of Mthunzi, who’s always ten steps ahead, conniving and a much better manipulator than Romeo. He seems to be Romeo’s match.

Now, we are hating the new devil and finding ourselves missing the ‘old Romeo,’ the one we hated with so much passion.

All the bad we wished on Romeo, we’re now wishing on Mthunzi and we’ve started chanting “#TEAMROMEO to the rescue”.

Have we forgotten that these two are in the same WhatsApp group? Or is it the case of better the devil you now than the one you don’t?

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