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This week on Rhythm City

20 August 2018

Nomalanga finally gives up, Lerato struggles with motherhood and David is frustrated by his relationship with Gail. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.


David is increasingly frustrated about his relationship with Gail, his meat business, and he takes it out on Dennis. Lungile throws Lerato out the house. Mapula gets a shock from the university.


Both families get ready for a fight-back, and Mzi and Pearl are grimly determined to do their part in the escalating war.

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Lerato makes a desperate grab for what is rightfully hers. Sabelo tries to get Suffo’s support. David makes a pact with Gail. 


Lungile gives Sabelo a chance. David and Gail play cat-and-mouse. Nomalanga finally gives up.


Suffo has a spy on David. Lerato struggles with motherhood. Sabelo disappoints Lungile.

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