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This week on Scandal!

27 August 2018

Stokkies’s pep talk results in some unusual actions, Lindiwe plans for her Matric Farewell and Ndumiso is asked to do something impossible. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.


Someone thinks he's covered up a murder but he couldn't be more wrong. Someone’s health is at risk and she’s encouraged to take some steps to improve her situation. Stokkies’s pep talk to his team results in some unusual, but inspiring actions.


A smooth operator is rattled and slips up, causing suspicion around his involvement in a serious matter. A young woman, drowning in debt, makes some financial boundaries with her family. The assessor comes to give the final report and the cleaning staff is nervous.                                                


Ndumiso finds himself on the wrong side of a loan shark, and for once he's not responsible for the debt. Lindiwe's plans for her Matric Farewell get off to a bad start. A new partnership considers their next move, while Yvonne realises her future looks bleak.  

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When a man’s former mother-in-law begs him to bail her out, he bails out.  Lindiwe turns down a generous offer. Timothy's mother plans to visit and the plan is not to disappoint her, again.  


Ndumiso is given a very tight time limit to do something almost impossible. Lindiwe has a big score, but then something precious vanishes. Layla's reaction surprises Timothy. 

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