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This week on Rhythm City

3 September 2018

Rene helps Pearl get over Mzi, Gail uncovers Lerato’s secret and Kop struggles with his house guests. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM. 


Gail starts to uncover Lerato’s secret. Toolkit worries David is onto him. Rene helps Pearl get over Mzi.


David develops his mystery scheme as TK’s feelings for Gail develop further. Gail finds evidence to change her situation with Lerato. Rene is caught red-handed with Napoleon.

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Gail and David’s war with each other enters a new phase as Gail realises she has choices. Kop and Blossom are in for a shock.


Kop invites the mystery couple from Bethlehem to stay. Rene takes another chance. Gail goes on a date with Gabe.


Mampho gets two surprises - one pleasant, one unpleasant. David lets TK in on his new scheme. Kop and Blossom struggle with their house guests.

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