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Jonas claims to own Bra Kop’s house

Nandipha Pantsi |
7 September 2018

Mam’ Blossom got the shock of her life when a man arrived at her home telling her to pack her bags and leave. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.

A man named Jonas startled Mam’ Blossom when he started snooping around the house asking about the shop and the back rooms.

Before he even introduced himself, he told Mam’ Blossom that their house had been sold and that he is the new owner. Mam’ Blossom was clearly very confused, but Jonas didn’t care. In fact he raised his voice at her and told her to pack her bags and leave the house immediately.

Later that day, Bra Kop called Detective Madikgetla to help them get rid of Jonas, but he stuck to his story and even went as far as providing a title deed to the house.

Someone has clearly been scammed here, but the question is: Is it Bra Kop or Jonas?

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