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Does YV have feelings for Timmy?

Lwazi Mluma |
7 September 2018

We can’t help but think Yvonne has developed a crush on Timothy. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.

Yvonne and Timothy have always had an onscreen relationship which gave us life. They call each other “choma” and share almost every intimate detail about their lives.

Their friendship has a lot of people thinking Timmy could be gay.

Yvonne has gotten Timothy into a lot of trouble, and they always fight. But after their fights, they’d always take things right where they left them off – like real friends do.

Well, all that changed when Timmy started looking for a pretend girlfriend for his mother who’s coming to town. Yvonne seemed a little disappointed that Timmy chose Layla over her.

She started describing Layla as an “ice queen.” To make matters worse, Yvonne claimed that kissing Layla would be like kissing a lizard.

But it’s the look she has suddenly started giving Timmy that has us thinking she may have feelings for him. Or is it just jealousy?

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