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#Greenleaf finale: Guess who makes a comeback?

Nandipha Pantsi |
13 September 2018

The first season of Greenleaf comes to a shocking end tonight. Don’t miss the finale at 8:30PM.

We all breathed a sigh of relief when Uncle Mac was arrested for the sexual crimes he committed against young women. In the season finale, Bishop Greenleaf pays Mac a visit in prison. Uncle Mac asks him to be a character witness at his sentencing hearing, but the Bishop refuses. He wants Mac to suffer for all the pain he’s caused the family.

Meanwhile, Grace’s popularity in the church is increasing. During her sermon on Sunday, she puts the spotlight on sexual abuse, calling the congregation to speak out on abuse.

After the service the Greenleafs say goodbye to Sophia, who goes off to live with her dad. Just moments later, the family is shocked by the arrival of another family member who shows up at the house with the police!

Here’s a sneak peek into the episode

You don’t want to miss the #Greenleaf finale tonight at 8:30PM!