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This week on Scandal!

17 September 2018

An innocent man is kidnapped and Lindiwe’s big night finally arrives. Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.


Ndumiso draws a line in the sand which results in a kidnapping.  Lindiwe carries on with her secret plans for the matric dance.  Timothy's fake girlfriends get out of control.


An innocent man is kidnapped and a large ransom amount is requested from his enemy. A young girl manipulates her friend into playing along with her twisted plan. A man gets into deeper trouble with his mother and his boss.


A bold attempt to solve the crisis does not go as planned.  Lindiwe's big night finally arrives.  Timothy makes his point.

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Ndu has to fight a superior foe in order to save his boss but he is defeated when he realises that a colleague is in danger.  Romeo and Lindiwe have two different expectation for the night with a surprising outcome.  Two rivals show up to apologise, and sparks fly.


Quinton acts decisively to get his colleagues out of a very dangerous situation. Lindiwe looks set to pay a heavy price for lying. Layla unwittingly crushes someone's hope.

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