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Looking for love

Nandipha Pantsi |
21 September 2018

Reneilwe was never ready for the guys she was going to meet when she decided to start dating again. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.

Poor Reneilwe. All she wants is a decent guy who has his life together, but the men she’s been going on dates with have all disappointed her.

Here are the ones who made us laugh.

Napolean with the nail

In all fairness, Napolean wasn’t too bad. Reneilwe just couldn’t stand his long pinky nail, which he used as a weapon! Lol.

Mr. “I can’t find my wallet”

After drinking the finest whiskey at Zero 11, Reneilwe’s date made up some lame excuse about not being able to find his wallet. Reneilwe was mortified!

Babby Daddy

After just one date, this father of three couldn’t wait to introduce Reneilwe to his kids and the baby mamma. When Reneilwe said it was too soon, he insulted her, saying her music was rubbish anyway.

We can’t help but laugh!

Should she give any of these guys a second chance?

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