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This week on Rhythm City

27 September 2018

Rene asks Mzi for help, Puleng has a big announcement and TK tries to mend things with Suffo. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.


David is waiting for Gail and Toolkit to make their move. Rene’s decision to give up men meets an obstacle in the form of Mzi. Pinkies goes into labour at the Khuse’s house.


Lungile outmaneuvers Rene over the Kleva contract. Suffo surprises Puleng with a big announcement. Rene continues to be impressed with Mzi.


Rene finds out Lungile betrayed her. Cuba tells Puleng’s secret. Puleng decides how to spend her millions. Gail tries to win over Pearl.

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Rene, with mixed motives, appeals to Mzi for help. Gail urges TK to go on the run before David attacks. TK keeps trying to mend things with Suffo.


Puleng tricks Suffo into meeting Toolkit. Rene goes a step too far with Mzi. Puleng realises her secret is out - and she has her mother to blame for it.

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