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26 September 2018

A lawyer contacts Chumani regarding the reading of Siseko’s will. Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.


A man opts to die instead of agreeing to a business deal that will save his life. A mischievous girl's lies cause a friend to catch hell. A young man's inquiry rattles Mthunzi's security.


An innocent man faces death but at the eleventh hour his partner relents.  Lindiwe is given a punishment that she thinks is hugely unfair.  A family finds out that the reading of their late father's will is imminent and they assume it will not hold any surprises.


Layla discovers she has made a mistake that could change lives forever. Ingrid starts to secretly organise a special event for someone she loves.  Gloria discovers that saying sorry does not guarantee being forgiven.  

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Under pressure, Layla decides to cross a dark line.  Ingrid's birthday plans for Wesley are interrupted by an invitation by Bella.  Caiphus seeks a job. 


Romeo slips some secret information, with explosive results.  Wesley has two birthday surprises, one good and one bad.  A new hire at Safe 'n Clean turns out to have other uses for another boss.

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