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The gods might be on YV’s side

Lwazi Mluma |
28 September 2018

Oh schuks! It turned out Siseko never signed his Last Will and Testament. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.

Whichever god Yvonne praises and worships is always by her side. The woman has never worked a single day in her life and yet she manages to live the most luxurious life.

If she isn’t married to a rich man, she has a love interest who always avails himself to take care of her financially. Of course, they always have terms and conditions.

Right now, Yvonne is looking for a way to get out of the financial arrangements she has with Neo. What she doesn’t know though, is that she’s still a beneficiary in Siseko’s will.

It turns out that after Siseko divorced YV, he never got the chance to sign his Last Will and Testament. Essentially, this means she may walk away a rich woman after the reading of the will.

While most are disappointed at Layla for not pushing Siseko into signing the will, Yvonne’s fans are excited by the prospects of her becoming wealthy.

What’s your take on the issue?

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