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#RhythmCity: Is it okay for your friend to date your ex?

1 October 2018

It looks like Mzi and Rene are getting closer by the day but things are not going to be easy for them. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.

When things were going great between Mzi and Pearl not so long ago, Puleng dropped a bombshell that Pearl had a history with Suffo.

This would mean the end to Mzi and Pearl’s love story.

Now, Mzi and Rene would be a beautiful couple but a romance between these two is most definitely going to be met with a HUGE obstacle.  

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Mzi’s past might haunt him because Rene is besties with his ex, Pearl.

And to make matters worse, Pearl is still very much in love with Mzi.

If Pearl finds out about this affair, will she have the right to be mad?

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