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This week on Scandal!

11 October 2018

Dintle gathers info to help her get what she desires, Romeo hears news that rattles his world and Stokkies gets a solution to his problem. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.

A widow's hope of instant riches is thwarted. Ingrid hears of Wesley's inappropriate behaviour and is horrified. A plan falls apart for Stokkies when he hears of permanent moves.  


Romeo urges an ally to do a deal with the proverbial devil. Dintle gathers info to help her get what she desires. Stokkies suspects that someone is doing crime.

Mthunzi and Chumani's chances of being CEO rest on one person neither can trust and Romeo hears news that rattles his world. Wesley gets a kiss that he fantasizes about and Stokkies finally gets a solution to his problem.  

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Unlikely alliances reunite and recommit themselves to take down a common enemy. An older man receives a tempting invite from a much younger seductress. Stokkies is disappointed to discover that his competition is sticking around.

Two young men are caught out snooping and hatch a new deception to cover their deceit. A money grabbing woman dreams of her future funded by her lover. A lazy woman is caught napping on the job and is saved from trouble by the new guy in town.                                                  

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