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#RhythmCity: 4 Ways Puleng is spending her millions

8 October 2018

Puleng is the latest millionaire in the neighborhood. How is she planning to splash her jackpot? Rhythm City, Weekdays at 7PM.

Since Puleng’s mother, Cuba, has spilled the beans to the whole neighborhood - let’s take a look at some of the choices Puleng has made with her money so far.

1. Renovating Club KW

When Suffo announced that he’ll be sharing the money made from the club sale with Puleng, she decided to give Club Kilowatt an upgrade. Mind you a very big chunk of this money will be spent on planning, labour costs and material. The main idea is to attract new customers while retaining old ones, however there are no guarantees.


2. Community charities

Puleng has not made any commitment on whether or not she’ll be fixing the church’s roof. However, if she does it’s certainly going to be heavy on her pocket. With Cuba so obsessed with showing off that her daughter is swimming in riches, there is pressure. It remains to be seen whether she will take this route or not.


3. Education

While working on giving the club a new feel and some titivations, Puleng has found a new inspiration. She wants to pursue her studies, but there seems to be a stumbling block. The past is haunting her and she must first matriculate. This ought to be a good move as it will ensure she knows how to manage her business and its finances.


4. Friends and family

Since the secret is out many eyes are on Puleng. Remember when Jafta came back to ask for an extra R15 000 to get material and lied about underestimating the size of the club? And Blossom is suddenly offering support to Puleng in whatever she does. On the other side, Puleng has to deal with her mother who insists she needs on spending her money without worrying about the future. Well, as much as we are happy about Puleng’s new ventures it remains to be seen how she will splash her jackpot from Suffo.

Is Puleng doing the right thing with her money?

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