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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

18 October 2018
Imbewu: The Seed

Nirupa seduces Pranav, KaMadonsela is suspicious of MaZulu and MaNdlovu arranges for Zethu to move in while she recovers. Imbewu: The Seed, weekdays at 9:30PM.


Zethu is rushed to hospital by Nganono, Bongi and Phunyuka. Nirupa tells Mira and Shria that she is planning a romantic dinner for their father. Nganono panics when Bongi articulates how Phunyuka will react to finding out Zethu was pregnant. Nirupa seduces Pranav. Nganono is filled with guilt. Ngcolosi tries to get intimate with MaZulu. Phunyuka feels guilty that he wasn't there for his daughter. Pranav tells Nirupa that just because they slept together, it doesn't change anything. He still wants to leave her. MaNdlovu pushes MaZulu to see a sangoma. The doctor tells Phunyuka his daughter was pregnant.


MaZulu consults with a sangoma and questions whether she’s cursed. MaNdlovu insists that MaZulu must let go of what’s tormenting her but MaZulu is adamant she’s been marked so that others can know she’s done wrong. Ngcolosi’s frustrated when MaZulu can’t bring herself to be intimate with him. Phunyuka thanks Nganono for being there for Zethu not knowing that Nganono is the cause of Zethu’s ordeal. Phunyuka is left with a dilemma when the Durban doctor tells him Zethu will be discharged soon as Phunyuka has no-one to look after her while he works. Shria makes it clear to Pranav that she’s written him off.


Nganono asks Zethu to keep the fact that he made her pregnant a secret but she chases him away. He seeks counsel from MaNdlovu who offers Zethu her support in exchange for Zethu keeping her mouth shut. MaZulu opens up to Phakade about how she feels cursed. KaMadonsela walks in on Phakade embracing MaZulu. Pranav tells Melissa that he slept with Nirupa and Melissa appears not to be fazed by the revelation. Nirupa tries to mend fences with Pranav but is unsuccessful. Shria calls Melissa out for being a home-wrecker. Ngcolosi tells MaZulu if she wants a divorce then so be it.

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KaMadonsela sees Phakade and MaZulu together and is starting to get suspicious. MaNdlovu arranges for Zethu to move into the house while she is recuperating. Shria tells Nirupa that Melissa is a serious threat and that Nirupa mustn’t just expect Pranav to come back.


Nganono confronts MaNdlovu about bringing Zethu into the house. MaNdlovu reveals her plan, keep Zethu close, where they can control her. She demands Nganono prey on Zethu’s affections for him, using them to their advantage. Meanwhile, a suspicious KaMadonsela warns Ngcolosi that Phakade and MaZulu are spending too much time together. A now alarmed Ngcolosi’s suspicions are roused further when he catches MaZulu in a lie. He begs her to tell the truth. But she doesn’t. Phunyuka demands to know who the father of Zethu’s child was, leaving Zethu in a bind. Finally, Zakithi overhears the truth, that Nganono impregnated Zethu. 

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