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#etvScandal: Romeo and Chumani’s fake relationship

Lwazi Mluma |
18 October 2018

This week’s “confession” of a secret and unlikely relationship is only the beginning of dilemmas still to come. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.

The false confessions between Romeo and Chumani seem to be at the center of all the scandals. It all began when Layla caught them snooping in Mthunzi’s office. They claimed to be a “couple” just to brush her off.

As soon as the news spread, Yvonne was the very first person to see this as an opportunity to blackmail her way into the residential suite. But it came as a shock for Boniswa and Xolile when Chumani claimed to be “dating Romeo”.

Their intention is to take Mthunzi down, but it has morphed into a terrible family feud. Will all this lying, scheming and feuding be worth it in the end?

Then there’s also the love affair between Wesley and Dintle, which has shocked the entire town. Obviously, Ingrid isn’t happy about this and she’s going to play dirty to discredit Dintle. But we bet DIY will play twice as dirty.

Ssshhh! Did you hear Caphuis telling Stokkies that he finds Gloria interesting?

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