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Is Gloria falling for Caiphus?

Lwazi Mluma |
29 October 2018

She surprised all of us when she took a fall for him. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.

Ever since Caiphus joined Safe & Clean, Stokkies has been jealous of the love and support he gets from the ladies at work. So in an effort to get rid of Caiphus, Stokkies joined forces with Gloria.

When Gloria’s mean tactics didn’t work on Caiphus, they had to come up with plan b. This meant that Gloria had to fake a friendship with Caiphus so they can get information which will get him fired as they suspected he was selling illegal goods.

However, Gloria failed to get any incriminating evidence against Caiphus. They then decided to frame him as a drug dealer. The exchange was to happen at NFH and Stokkies would have to fake a phone call to Maletsatsi, who was meant to catch the exchange between Caiphus and Gloria.

The moment Maletsatsi confronted them, Gloria took the blame for Caiphus. She told Maletsatsi the dagga was hers and it was a medical prescription for her bronchitis.

Why the sudden change of heart? Has she fallen for Caiphus’ charms?

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