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This week on Scandal!

Lwazi Mluma |
29 October 2018

Dintle’s dreams might come true, Wesley gets jealous and acts out of principle and Mthunzi opens another door of pleasurable opportunities. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.

Mthunzi moves swiftly on as he chooses a new woman as his target.  Dintle reveals her hand but will her boyfriend see it for what it is? Caiphus ramps up the wooing of the woman he has fallen for.

A young man takes advantage of an older vulnerable woman with a kiss of deception. An act of jealousy pushes Wesley to unprincipled behavior. Caiphus opens his heart to the apple of his eye and is shocked by the response. 

After his failed attempt of duplicity, Mthunzi opens another door of pleasurable opportunities. Ingrid is hopeful that her father is going to dump a gold digger or will he? Caiphus’s dreams are crushed and he makes a painful promise.

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Two secret allies become secret lovers. Dintle gets confirmation that her dream is about to come true. Gloria realises that playing hard to get can backfire.   

An ex-flame retreats when he finds Yvonne busy and she lives in the moment. Layla tells Ingrid about permanent plans and Ingrid begs her for help.  Gloria puts her ducks in a row to make an interested party jealous.

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