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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

7 November 2018

Phunyuka strangles Nganono to death and Zakithi hears about Macingwane and starts asking questions. Imbewu: The Seed, weekdays at 9:30PM.


Nganono tells MaZulu and MaNdlovu that he’s been fired. He accuses Zethu of telling Ngcolosi about him giving her the abortion pills. An upset Zethu resolves to leave the Bhengu house and calls Phunyuka to collect her. MaNdlovu urges Nganono to stop Zethu from leaving. There’s a scuffle. Zethu falls down the stairs. Phunyuka enters to find his daughter unconscious. Zakithi is outraged when Ngcolosi tasks Zithulele and not her with shadowing him. Shria encourages Nirupa to continue to write.


Zethu is rushed to hospital in a critical condition. She has internal bleeding. MaNdlovu tries to tame Phunyuka’s anger. Swearing Nganono meant her no harm. But when Dr. Sithole reveals she took abortion pills, Phunyuka is sent over the edge. Meanwhile, Nganono contemplates leaving town. But decides to face Phunyuka. His timing is terrible; arriving just as Phunyuka believes Zethu is dying. Unable to control himself, Phunyuka strangles Nganono. Zakithi is bitter at Zithulele over his being offered a promotion. But when she learns he turned it down, she appeals to her father for him to reconsider her. But he refuses. Finally, MaZulu confronts Phakade for turning his back on her in her time of need.


After killing Nganono, Phunyuka takes his body to a secluded place and buries him in a shallow grave, later he panics when he can’t find his wallet. Zethu’s operation is a success. The doctor tells MaNdlovu that Zethu will be fine but she will have to stay in ICU. Phunyuka is relieved to hear that Zethu is alive but feels horribly guilty about killing Nganono. Ngcolosi and Pranav agree on making Shria COO on Ngcolosi’s condition that Zithulele gets promoted to general manager. Phakade talks to KaMadonsela about issues at Ngcolosi’s house, she suggests that they need prayer. Zakithi hears about Macingwane for the first time from Celiwe.

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Phunyuka returns to the burial site to find his wallet. A phone call comes through from the grave, Phunyuka learns that he didn’t cover his tracks carefully enough as Nganono has his cell phone on him. Phunyuka digs up Nganono’s corpse to recover the ringing cellphone. MaZulu is heartbroken when she tries calling Nganono and he doesn’t pick up. Pranav is upset when he reads his wife’s blog which has become the talk of the town. Celiwe tells Zakithi about the strange visit the family received from a sangoma. Zakithi gets Buhle to tell her what exactly happened with her Umemulo and then she goes to confront Phakade. After seeing an old picture at Phakade’s house, past memories return to haunt Zakithi.


Zakithi questions Phakade about MaZulu which makes KaMadonsela suspicious. Pranav tells Nirupa to stop writing about him. Zithulele opens up to MaZulu about his feelings about Maluju. Phunyuka tracks Nganono's car down to the police impound lot. Zakithi tries to get answers from MaZulu. MaNdlovu convinces Ngcolosi to pay damages to Phunyuka. Phunyuka arranges for someone to steal Nganono's car. MaZulu tells MaNdlovu that Zakithi is asking questions. Phunyuka is awakened by Nganono's phone ringing. Zakithi questions Zithulele about the sangoma. Phunyuka is woken up a second time by the phone ringing after he switched it off. He then hears Nganono’s voice calling him.

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