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Open News shakes up TV news

19 November 2018
Openview anchors

eMedia Investments officially launched Open News on Thursday, 1 November 2018.

The channel is available exclusively on the Openview free-to-air satellite television platform every evening from 5PM to 11PM.

Open News will keep news viewers informed and entertained with a fast-paced overview of the top local and international news stories. Through its relaxed personality-driven format, the channel’s anchors weigh in on the top stories, share their opinions and engage with viewers in real time.

Nisa Allie, Managing Director of Open News, believes that the channel fills a gap in the current television news market, “Open News offers viewers an entirely new way of experiencing the news. Sharing the screen with our anchors is a team of savvy video journalists, who will approach news in a fresh, punchy, fluid and engaging way. Using the latest technology, we are moving away from the traditional format and merging television news with social media.”

Open News is broadcast from a brand new interactive studio in Cape Town, which has been designed to enable anchors to draw on content from multiple platforms. In addition to politics, crime and courts, Open News will take a keen interest in what is trending and going viral, delving into showbiz, celebrity and sport.

“As the first local news channel on the Openview platform, Open News is an exciting addition to our offering,” says Marlon Davids, Managing Director of e.tv channels. “It’s not just a first for Openview, but also a first for the country. For the first time, free-to-air viewers will truly be able to experience the news in a lively, interactive and unrestrained way.”

Open News broadcasts from 5PM-11PM on weekdays on Openview channel 120. Outside of the six hours, the channel has partnered with international broadcasters France 24, TRT World and CGTN, who will provide content from a global perspective.

Open News anchors

Open News has assembled a team of highly-skilled anchors to give Openview viewers a fresh take on television news and current affairs.

Naledi Moleo, Koketso Sachane and Ayanda Dlamini will guide viewers through the day’s trending news, including the top celebrity and showbiz stories. Adrian Botha will anchor the channel’s sports coverage, and Inge Isaacs will be on standby to keep viewers informed about the latest weather developments.

“Our anchors are young, opinionated and sassy. They are informed and ready to engage on a range of topics. Open News has purposefully recruited a team that reflects a new South Africa,” says MD of Open News Nisa Allie.

Naledi Moleo has worked in the media industry for many years as a television presenter, producer and radio host. She honed her current affairs and news skills at SAFM, where she hosted a number of shows. She believes in being an active citizen and won’t shy away from sharing her views on the day’s most important stories.

Accomplished broadcaster Koketso Sachane has worked as a radio host, journalist and editor for almost two decades. He hosted ‘The Koketso Sachane Show’ show on Cape Talk for many years and is incredibly passionate about the African continent, and its future.

Ayanda Dlamini is Open News’ social media anchor. Having hosted her own Good Hope FM radio show for over a decade, the seasoned actress and broadcaster always knows what’s trending and will be the conduit between the day’s viral social media stories and our viewers.

Open News broadcasts daily from 5PM to 11PM exclusively on Openview channel 120. Outside of the six hours, the channel has partnered with international broadcasters, who will provide content from a global perspective.