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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

19 November 2018

Zakithi finds out Ngcolosi is not her real father, Maharaj helps Zakithi get Maluju Oil shares and Phunyuka burns Nganono’s body. Imbewu: The Seed, weekdays at 9:30PM.


Phakade admits he had an affair with MaZulu. When MaZulu contacts the police, the detective tells her she cannot report Nganono as missing if she had just heard from him. MaZulu asks Phunyuka if he has any news. Futhi's pics on social media create a storm. She pinches an invite to a party out of Zakithi's trash. The implications of the affair between Phakade and MaZulu hit KaMadonsela and Zakithi hard. MaZulu considers telling Zakithi the truth. Phakade takes off and KaMadonsela is convinced he is with MaZulu. She asks Zakithi to find him. Zakithi agrees and is confronted with the truth. Ngcolosi is not her father.


Zakithi freaks out after discovering that Phakade is their father. MaZulu and MaNdlovu try in vain to convince her to protect the secret. Zithulele reasons with her that telling Ngcolosi will only bring disaster on all of them. Zakithi hatches a new plan. She meets with Zithulele and tells him that the only safe route left for them is to wrestle the shares from Ngcolosi to secure their future. KaMadonsela confronts Zakithi about not getting back to her, unaware that Zakithi now knows the real truth. Zakithi assures KaMadonsela there is nothing happening between MaZulu and Phakade. Futhi uses all the disruption at home to sneak off to the party. But when she gets there, she bumps into Mr Maharaj and has to pretend to be Zakithi.


Zakithi convinces Zithulele and MaZulu to help her gain a controlling stake in Maluju. When Ngcolosi refuses to give Zakithi a share in the company, she cancels her umemulo. Futhi finds herself in hot water with Zakithi when photos surface in the paper of her impersonating Zakithi at a party. Meanwhile, KaMadonsela struggles with the uncanny resemblance between Futhi and Zakithi, despite Phakade doing his utmost to quell any growing suspicions in KaMadonsela. Celiwe receives an unexpected visit from Lwazi, a notorious loan shark. A desperate Celiwe goes to Thando for help.

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Zakithi tells Ngcolosi she doesn't want her umemulo now, making him annoyed at her flighty behaviour. MaZulu tries to convince him to give Zakithi shares, but he won't do it. Desperate, Zakithi calls in the one person she thinks can help her get the shares - Maharaj. Celiwe is threatened by the mashonisa and tries to borrow money from her friends, but no one has any to spare. KaMadonsela asks MaNdlovu if she knew about the affair between Phakade and MaZulu.


Zakithi gets help from Mr Maharaj about how to get shares in Maluju Oil. Phakade is worried about KaMadonsela digging into the past. Phunyuka is being haunted by nightmares about Nganono. Detective Dubazane looks into Nganono's disappearance and questions Phunyuka. Nervous, he goes and burns Nganono's body. Celiwe gets a loan from Sizakele to pay back the mashonisa.

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