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5 Questions with Fundiswa Zwane

6 December 2018

The talented actress plays KaMadonsela on Imbewu: The Seed weekdays at 9:30PM.

KaMadonsela hasn’t been herself since Phakade confessed to sleeping with MaZulu. We spoke to Fundiswa Zwane to find out exactly what could be brewing with this multi-layered character.

1. Tell us something interesting about landing the role of KaMadonsela?

Playing the journey of a woman much older than me and on a very different life trajectory than me. KaMadonsela has a completely different and justified decision making basis. So going into her psychological mind frame has been most interesting for me as an artist and a creative.

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2. What’s a typical day on set like for you?

It’s exciting and mostly full of laughs. The crew of Imbewu are really what gives actors an on-set experience as they set the tone and shooting environment. The cast and crew has grown to be a close family. When KaMadonsela was going through her most demanding storyline the directors kept the set running like a professional clockwork and the emotional support they provided for me blew me away. My day also entails hiding from director Gumbi when he shouts, “Donsi make-up TIME Donsi!"

3. It looks like Ka Madonsela is slowly coming out of her shell. What do you enjoy the most about playing this character?

I enjoy getting into her Psychological mind frame and experiencing her reality.

I'm really enjoying Donsi as a mother. We have different parenting styles and I often find myself laughing or learning quite a lot of lessons from her. We have similar dreams for our daughters which is very endearing. What I'm also thouroughly enjoying is how far playing this character has pushed me as artist. Coming into a collaborative space with cast members such as Tony Kgoroge, Mam’ Thembi Mtshali and Leleti Khumalo has been transformative for me. It’s been a real treat.

4. How does Ka Madonsela challenge you as an actress?

In every way. Being in her shoes and telling her story has been spiritual and psychologically grueling and I'm grateful for the places that playing her has taken and stretched me. That I get to tell the stories of so many women is something I don't take lightly and I always try to hold that with the reverence it deserves. I had the rare privilege and opportunity to watch the episode where Phakade confesses that he slept with MaZulu with my mother and I saw that it struck a chord somewhere with regard to what forgiveness, marriage and love means. It’s a reaction I'm hoping is happening in may households and I hope precipitates healing and conversations that are long overdue for couples and families.

5. What can viewers anticipate about Ka Madonsela in the near future?

They can anticipate sitting in their chairs and gasping, “AMEN JEHOVAH” with their hands in the air. That is how LIT the story line is going to get. The writers have cooked up some interesting stories. All I'm going to say is, a hurt woman and a cup of tea are a dangerous combination.

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