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Suffo is back to his old ways

6 December 2018

Suffo plans a heist to get the cash he needs to save Busi. Watch Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM.

After all the questioning we finally know the reason behind Busi’s abduction and how Lerumo plans to avenge Suffo.

The ex-convict has a score to settle with Suffo and the plan is to deplete his resources.  

Having already paid an amount of R2 million upfront, Suffo is gradually running out of options to get the money he needs to save Busi. He’s tried everything but nothing has yielded any results.

Suffo has realized that playing by the rules is not helping but rather making matters worse. He has tried doing things by the book to get the cash, even making calls to the banks requesting for cash loans.

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In the meantime, Lerumo has already increased his demand and wants a R5 million cash as ransom.

Now, there is only one way Suffo can get the cash he desperately needs. He has to go back to his old ways.

The consequences are deadly but he must go back to his life of gangsterism to get the cash he needs to save Busi, and he only has a week to put the plan into action.

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