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This week on Scandal!

11 March 2019

News of pregnancy generates mixed emotions, Romeo gives Chichi a deadline to confess. Scandal! Weekdays at 7:30PM.


A young girl whose reputation is in shreds faces the real world again.  A victim discovers his saviour is fighting for life. Ndumiso's business plan is dealt a blow.                                                   


A lie told to protect the liar has a surprising result. There are unexpected developments in a patient's condition. Ndu discovers that chasing a dream will be harder than he first thought. 


News of a pregnancy generates a lot of mixed feelings. A daughter is hurt when her parents seem to wash their hands of her. Ndumiso moves forward with his plan to double-cross Neo.


Chichi stays mum while Romeo shows her how limited her options are.  Shannon declares his love for his sister and she reads him the riot act.  Quinton gives business advice to Ndumiso unaware that some ears are flapping.


Chichi lies to Romeo again, but will he believe her this time? Lindi realises she still has a long way to go towards forgiveness. Ndu gets a surprising partner. 

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