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This week on Rhythm City

15 April 2019

Suffocate meets a glamorous and prosperous-looking woman. Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM.


Blossom and Lefa pick up on the tension between Keabetswe, Mapula and Keabetswe’s feelings of injustice.s

Suffo learns that he wasn’t the robbers target, but he still insists on keeping Madikgetla.

Following a brief talk with Jafta, Mampho is worried that she does not know enough about Siya.


Kop has a go at Keabetswe and forces her to apologise to Mapula.

David reveals to Gail the real reason why he gave Bash his barman job back.

On the other side, Suffocate meets a glamorous and prosperous-looking woman, and Puleng is not impressed. Keabetswe breaks the news to Lefa.


Failing to contain her dissatisfaction, Puleng embarrasses herself in front of Suffo’s new friends.

Back in DK, Lefa and Kea try to figure out the pregnancy while Mampho closes a door on Siya’s new friend.


Keabetswe makes a big decision that could put her life in danger. However, she soldiers on and prepares for the big day.

Puleng and Suffo are not Seeing eye to eye and she pulls out of the club.

Siya and Mampho are also drifting apart and he starts giving him the cold shoulder.


Puleng makes a discovery about Suffo’s new club.

David proposes to Gail, but with all the suspicions about his involvement in Bongi’s death will she say yes?

In DK, Keabetswe internalises the slut-shaming.

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