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3 June 2019

Zandile’s secret is out, Phunyuka is chased away from church. Imbewu weekdays at 9:30PM.


Ngcolosi questions Zandile while MaZulu and Zakithi gang up against her.

Zethu is nervous about her father’s return to church, but he does anyway.


Phunyuka is chased away from church.

MaZulu recovers from seeing Phunyuka.

Ngcolosi meets with Mthunzi but receives an important call warning him against doing something irrational.


Zithulele vows to find the truth on why Phunyuka is out of jail.

Ngcolosi warns Mthunzi to stay away from Zandile but he does not listen. MaZulu comes clean to Ngcolosi about who helped her spy on Zandile, but does this put Nkululeko in trouble?


MaNdlovu reiterates her hate towards Phunyuka and urges everyone in the house not to have anything to do with Phunyuka.

Phunyuka is ashamed of the man he has become.

MaZulu now believes Zandile is telling the truth about her pregnancy.


MaZulu notices Zandile’s bump is bigger.

Celiwe discovers something about Zandile and reports it to MaZulu.

Thenjiwe might be in trouble and Manqoba watches Zakithi and Nkululeko’s interactions.

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