Genre: Reality

An encounter with 26 of your favourite celebrities where they cook a Kasi dish that holds a special place in their heart...  a dish that sums up what the Kasi & it’s food means to them personally.
KASILICIOUS: MY VIP RECIPE invites the viewer into the personal space of some of South Africa’s hottest celebrities as they prepare their favourite meal … but with a twist: Each celeb needs to add their personal touch to turn this traditional meal into something truly unique and something with a hint of modern flair.

In each episode, our guest for that week joins charming presenter, Tol A$$ Mo, well-known celebrity comedian & home-grown Kasi talent where together, they venture into e.kasi to source ingredients for the meal they are going to create!  The celebrity cooks up the meal from scratch for Tol A$$ Mo to enjoy.

And kitchen rules? Only ONE: The meal has to be a unique representation of a recipe inspired by traditional culture and must be a personal favourite of each celeb.
Catch Kasi-licious Wednesdays on eKasi+ channel 105.